What’s in a name?

It all began with one of my private chef positions, seen through the mind’s eye of a child. When cooking as a private chef for a family you become a fixture in the household; you’re responsible for bringing joy in the form of food and hospitality no matter what else is going on in their lives. While myself and the adults in the home can come to see this as routine sustenance, children often experience something enchanting. It’s a well-known fact, youthful commentary is much more whimsical than the discerning view of adulthood. I had the good fortune to be given a glimpse into this world of whimsy through the eyes of my client’s children.

I was serving chocolate lava cake, a.k.a. Moelleux au Chocolat, a delicious dish without fail, but pretty common nonetheless. To my delight and theirs, my client’s children erupted in joy when they cut into their little cakes and saw warm chocolaty, goodness, oozing from the center. They literally thought I had performed some sort of culinary magic. The scene was adorable, everyone felt charmed and Chocolate Lava cake became a permanent fixture on the menu.

A few weeks later I’m in the kitchen whirling around in every direction, when I feel a little tug on my shirt. It was one of the children just home from school, she say’s to me, “Asha, I love when you’re here, it’s like magic.” I smiled, laughed and asked “how so?” She replied, “In the morning there is stuff all over the kitchen, fruits, vegetables and stuff, but by dinner everything is pretty and tastes good. It’s like you’re a fairy, a kitchen fairy.”

In that moment, I was reminded of the significance of the chef and home cook alike. We dispense not only refinement of flavor, beauty, texture and aroma, but nourishment, joy, and comfort. We are magical masters of ceremony! We are indeed Kitchen Fairies!