When I tell people that I'm the oldest of nine kids and spent the first 10 years of my life with no electricity they usually say that explains a lot. It suffices to say I'm not always hip to the pop-culture references of my generation.

My early years were spent raising chickens and livestock, gardening, canning, and stacking firewood. Fast-forward 10 years, I found myself living in Washington, DC, and fell in love with the creativity and novelty of the hospitality industry. As the hostess-with-the mostest I've worked every restaurant position from developing beverage programs and general management to working the line (in the kitchen) and washing dishes. I recall days when I didn't feeling like interacting with people, but the moment a customer walked in I would shift gears completely. There's something about identifying the needs of the guest and knocking their sox off with an incredible experience tailored just for them.

Hosting, entertaining, creating experiences, and making memories-- what's not to love!

Some of My Favorite Things

All The Things! Including, but not limited to, creating, learning, exploring ideas, connecting with people and seeing the world through their lens, educational youtube videos, helping others succeed, beach trips, reading, walking to my favorite coffee shop, enjoying a delicious breakfast empanada and getting comfortable with a good book and my journal while sipping my hot, black Americano, and interacting with strangers.

Things I Don’t Care For

Peanut butter, milk, bananas, and doing laundry.

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