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Our mission is to assist in the pursuit of living life to the fullest; to gather, feast and be well.

Allow our experiential and culinary artistry to help you craft memorable events for a life well lived.

An intentional space for connection.
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Private Chef

Turn your home or vacation rental into an exclusive culinary destination.

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We are experts in the art of gathering, hosting and entertaining.


Artisanal recipes and culinary inspiration from the owner of Kitchen Fairy.

Private Chef and Event Management in the Heart of Virginia

Kitchen Fairy is an artisanal hospitality company serving the communities of Washington D.C. and Northern/Central Virginia. Our services are designed to create occasions of tangible joy and inspiration through the transformative medium of experience.

While our offerings are only limited by your desires and imagination, here are some sample tasting menus to give you an idea of what we bring to the table.